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Speaking as an adult adoptee, everything is important. We need our medical history; we need to know our family origins. We need pictures of our parents, siblings, grandparents. What most people take for granted, we adoptees long for. If parents are unable to take care of their children and adoption is 100% the only option, then every child should be given any information pertaining to their identity and health. It is unlawful to deny someone their own identity and origins. Hiding information will never be in the child’s best interest.

Kate Kendell, adult adoptee

Power of Story’s vision is that young people who have experienced out-of-home placement have equal, consistent person-centered access to their history, stories, photos, and medical information.

We call all of these various pieces “Life History,” and believe it is something that everyone deserves to have access to, but know that foster youth, adoptees, and others who have experienced out-of-home care often lack.

We engage young people, caretakers, and professionals in the research and curation of life histories, provide training rooted in youth-centered best practices and advocate for increased awareness and quality implementation of life histories.

News from Power of Story

Our Doors are OPEN For Minnesota

We are pleased to announce the signing of a MN host/lead county contract, which enables us to complete life history work directly with youth throughout Minnesota.

Podcasts, Videos, Interviews and More

Listen in as we dream of a world in which everyone has the same person-centered access to their own personal history, stories, and medical information.

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