Refer or Share About a Youth

Help one young person understand their story in a different and more full way then they do currently, by referring someone to receive a Social Medical History, Lifebook or by adding to their life history below.

Make a Referral

The first step for us to work directly with an individual is to receive a referral directly from the MN organization or county worker that is maintaining their foster care placement. Review our Services to Counties and Organizations here, and refer when ready.

Workers: You will be asked if you have discussed this referral with your supervisor and have gotten the go ahead to refer this young person to Power of Story for this service.

Refer a Youth Now

Share What You Know

Thank you for helping answer current and future questions of the young person you care about! There are two ways to share and no matter what, we will hold the information securely and get it to them as quickly as possible.

1) Answer Questions and Submit Documents Online

Family, friends and professionals, you can answer questions and share information about the young person you know, on a secure online form from the comfort of you own home in your own time. You can also share share photos, artwork or documents, which we can then add to their Lifebook or Social Medical History.

When you are done, be sure to hit SUBMIT to securely send it to us.

Answer Questions and Submit Documents Online Now

2) Talk to a Human (Phone, Zoom or In Person)

You can talk to a human by calling 763-807-4898, however, you are more likely to connect with a staff by scheduling a time to meet. The meeting times are 60-minutes, we might not use the whole hour, but its nice to have a window in which we are both free and able to chat. You can let us know if in-person, phone or Zoom are the best way for you to connect and feel comfortable.

If we chat in person, we can scan/copy photos live at that time.

Schedule your Conversation Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an update on, or talk to my child/niece/grandson/friend/former foster child?

Maybe. Decisions about contact are not up to us, and we are not able to give updates about the young person. However, let your Power of Story staff know that you want to do this, and we will ask the young person’s guardian to contact you.

Why did you contact ME?

We received your information from a social worker who works with the young person you know. They believe that you have valuable information to share that will help them now as well as in the future.

What information do you want?

If you are a birth, foster, or former adoptive family member or a personal friend, we want to know more about your relationship with them, memories you have together. If you have photos of them, their birth, foster families, yourself or any artwork or letters they have gifted you over the years. Or you could even write THEM a letter.

If you are a professional, we want to know your insights from your work with them and copies of any records you have, and if you have any personal items, art, photos, etc., we would love to get them to the youth.

What if I don’t know very much?

This is okay, adoptees and foster children often have MANY questions and would like any information, stories, photos or insights you have. Share what you DO know!

What will this information be used for?

A document or book is put together for them.

A Social Medical History is a text-based document required by law, which is shared with parenting parents, becomes part of the court documents and most importantly shared with young person, when they are older (generally after 14 years old).

A Lifebook is a photo- and story-based book that helps young people understand where they come from, to understand where they are going. It contains as many photos and stories as possible, and will be given to them as soon as we can.

Will my details be kept confidential?

Yes! In both a Social and Medical History of Lifebook, your last name, phone number, address, email, etc., will remain confidential unless you were professionally involved with a young person, in which case, contact information may be shared.

I have a question that you didn’t cover.

You can contact us anytime.

**If Power of Story is not working with the young person, there are some ideas of ways for birth family members to share their story with the youth they care about here.

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