Power of Story engages young people, care-takers and professionals in the research and curation of life histories, including Lifebooks.

Lifebooks are a tool used to help young people who have experienced out of home placements, like foster care and adoption, better understand their past, how it connects to their present and future.

Power of Story is able to work with MN Counties and Organizations to complete Lifebooks with young people.

Our Lifebook’s include two Therapeutic Life Story Work approach interviews with each young person 6 years and older, a full file review, contact with birth, foster and adoptive families, lots of photos, placement locations and dates, addresses of schools, information about the youth, their birth family, and reasons for placement.

In MN, A Lifebook is not required, but is HIGHLY recommended for every youth in out of home placement, as evidenced by the inclusion of Lifebooks as an activity that supports permanent connections as part of the STAY (Successful Transition to Adulthood for Youth) program.

When a youth is referred to Power of Story, the young person will receive one physical 3 ring binder based book*, that:

  • Provides them their childhood and family photos.
  • Provides them with their life history + family, medical, and genetic information
  • Provides them an overarching narrative of his/her life history prior to and while in foster care.
  • Provides positive and nuanced information about their birth family.
  • Provides a timeline for past placements and school experiences.

*an electronic version will be provided to the referring worker, to remain in the county file to maintain the story for the young person.

Lifebook Example

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