Social Medical Histories

Power of Story engages young people, care-takers and professionals in the research and curation of life histories, including Social Medical Histories.

A Social Medical History (SMH) is a comprehensive document that is required to be completed for all Minnesota youth experiencing foster care who are in care six or more months.

Power of Story is able to work with MN Counties and Organizations to complete Social Medical Histories directly with young people.

Our Social Medical History’s include two Therapeutic Life Story Work approach interviews with each young person 6 years and older, a full file review, contact with birth, foster and adoptive families, and placement locations and dates, addresses of schools, diagnoses, doctors, therapists, information about the youth, their birth family, and reasons for placement.

When a youth is referred to Power of Story, their worker will receive an electronic, updateable and strength-based, Social Medical Histories, using the MN DHS approved SMH format – DHS-6754A-ENG PDF, that complies with MN statute 260C.212 Subd. 15.

This document:

  • Provides a young person with their life history + family, medical, and genetic information
  • Provides the young person with an overarching narrative of his/her life history prior to and while in foster care.
  • Guides the development of appropriate interventions based on a young person’s history
  • Provides positive and nuanced information about their birth family.
  • Provides a timeline for past placements and school experiences.
  • Has helpful information for birth parents upon reunification.
  • Provides a required summary document for the court, that is also shared with the youth after age 14.
  • Aids in the adoption matching process
  • Provides full disclosure to pre-adoptive parents upon adoption.
  • Establishes eligibility for adoption assistance

Social Medical History Example

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