Come learn with us at these interactive, transformational, person-centered, practice and research driven workshops

Child Welfare Staff Workshop: Capturing the Essence of Youths’ Stories

This live 2-hour training is where best practice, research, and good social work come together in this interactive and data-driven Lifestory work training for permanency and child protection staff. Workers will be equipped to be a part of a young person’s healing through Lifebook and Social Medical Histories. 

Foster and Adoptive Parent Workshop: Practical Tips to Preserve Kid’s History

This 2-hour training provides the extra knowledge, tools, and tips necessary for foster and adoptive parents to be empowered to help children understand their history, even the most delicate parts.  Foster and adoptive parents are an important bridge between a child’s past and future and this training will help strengthen that connection. 

Life History Skill Sessions for Child Welfare Workers

In this new seven part skill session series for Child Welfare Workers, we will break down the popular Power of Story Workshop, “Capturing the Essence of Youths’ Stories”, down into bite-size sections.

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