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Founded in 2021, Power of Story wants ALL young people who have experienced out-of-home placement to have equal, consistent person-centered access to their history, stories, photos, and medical information.

The child welfare system places a high priority on the immediate security and well-being of young people, however individuals who have experienced out-of-home care are often blocked access to vital information about their lives.

In addition to providing a solid foundation for thriving, information provides insights into breaking generational patterns, an increased sense of self, and when access is blocked, confusion and secrecy ensue.  

Thus, Power of Story engages young people, caretakers, and professionals in the research and curation of life histories, provides training rooted in youth-centered best practices and advocates for increased awareness and quality implementation of life histories.

We do all this to ensure ALL have access to their information and support as they unfold a complex past.


Alisa Matheson

Founder and Executive Director

Alisa Matheson received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Counseling, from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul and completed an Advanced Certificate in Therapeutic Lifestory Work and The National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training Initiative Courses.

She has child welfare system experience as an adoption recruiter, educator, and contractor, since 2009.




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