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Podcast description: In this episode, I have the honor of speaking with Alisa Matheson. Alisa is the Founder and Executive Director of Power of Story, Since 2010, Alisa Matheson has been involved in child welfare as a child-specific recruiter, educator, and foster and adoptive parent. In every role, she has championed communication, relationship building, and respect for the personhood and rights of everyone involved. Tune in to hear more about her journey and expertise.

Alisa Matheson speaks with Michael D. Davis-Thomas, the founder of the Resilient Voices & Beyond. Michael is an advocate, activist, mentor, public speaker, policy scholar, and foster care alumni. The Resilient Voices & Beyond podcast showcases the voices which were once silenced while educating on foster care, and breaking away the stigma and labels surrounding it.

Resilient Voices & Beyond, Listen on Apple Podcasts. Copyright MDDTSpeaks

Podcast description: Known stories heal. So how do we do that? Adoptive mom and story expert Alisa shares a host of practical insights into this vital topic. She breaks the process down for adoptive parents so they can gather and share their child’s story in an empowering and healing way.

Alisa Matheson speaks with Simon Benn, the host of the Thriving Adoptees – Inspiration For Adoptive Parents & Adoptees podcast. Simon says, ‘I was adopted at 5 weeks old and told about it so young I don’t ever remember not knowing. I didn’t experience any adoption trauma until I hit 40 when I found out my childhood teddy bear was a gift from my birth mother. This caused an eruption of anger, feeling rejected and unloved. That kickstarted a learning journey that led me to heal and then want to help others. I created the podcast so guests can inspire listeners with their stories and empower them with their learnings.

Thriving Adoptees – Inspiration For Adoptive Parents & Adoptees, by Simon Benn

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