Our Doors are OPEN For Minnesota

July 8, 2022

We are pleased to announce that, effective 7/1/22, Power of Story has signed a host/lead county contract with Anoka County.

Thus, we are now accepting referrals for the completion of Social Medical Histories and Lifebooks for children and youth throughout Minnesota.

Retired MN County Supervisor and Power of Story Board President, Diane Stang said: “My experiences working in County Foster Care Licensing and Adoption have resulted in an understanding of the importance of family history in developing self-identity for our foster/ adoptive youth.”

She goes on to say:

“Power of Story takes the provision of a Social Medical History to the next level, by acknowledging family history as a vehicle of youth to move forward in their lives- academically, socially and psychologically. I am honored to be a part of Power of Story as a Provider of Social Medical Histories and Lifebook Services.”

Research shows the importance of life history work, and while not therapy, this work is healing and therapeutic as it helps youth understand their history.

In fact, Darla L Henry, The 3–5–7 Model: Preparing children for Permanency, states that one of the main keys to a clear sense of identity and sense of security is “knowledge and awareness about personal history, heritage and genealogy,” which a LifeBook can help provide.

Social Medical Histories are required for all youth in out-of-home care for over six months, in Minnesota.

And while a Lifebook is not required, it is HIGHLY recommended for every youth in out-of-home placement, as evidenced by the inclusion of Lifebooks as an approved activity that supports permanent connections as part of the STAY (Successful Transition to Adulthood for Youth) program.

Power of Story’s model goes beyond the basics and includes two Therapeutic Life Story Work approach interviews with each young person 6 years and older, a full file review, contact with birth, foster, and adoptive families, document redaction as required by MN law and regular updates.

We are excited about the opportunity of providing these services to children and youth in the MN foster care system!

Alisa Matheson and the Power of Story Team

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We are pleased to announce the signing of a MN host/lead county contract, which enables us to complete life history work directly with youth throughout Minnesota.

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