Life History Resources

If you are interested in better understanding your history, stories, photos, and medical information by putting together a Lifebook with Power of Story, complete the application below to work with us for FREE.

Fund-A-Story Application – **Scholarships available to current and former Minnesota foster youth aged 18-28 years old.

To help foster youth, adoptees, and their families gather, compile, and process their stories, Power of Story offers training, consulting, and the resources below.

DNA and Search Services

When information is missing or is just not enough, check out these free DNA tests for adoptees, foster youth search services and DNA based search organizations.

Lifebooks A Powerful Tool

The ultimate resource for FREE downloadable, lifebook templates, recommended versions to purchase and guides for parents and workers on creating lifestory books.

State By State: Fosters Information

Each state varies in the documentation of foster youth’s medical info, social history and life stories. To work together, we must understand these differences.

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Check out this guidance on lifestory work, for everyone involved in child welfare, through templates, lifebook tips, workshops, and book recommendations.

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