Host a Fundraising House Party

One way to give back to Power of Story is by hosting a fundraising house party virtually or in person in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota.

Through our house parties, we build community, share the impact of Power of Story and invite those in attendance to support our work financially.

If you are curious about hosting an intimate conversation with Founder and Executive Director, Alisa Matheson and some of your friends and family, please connect with us.

We will bring our passion for nuanced life history for children impacted by the foster and adoption systems, to your home, community room or online “living room“.

You will bring your curiosity, hospitality and community.

Responsibilities of a host:

  • Provide a space (either physical or virtual) for people to gather for 3 hours (max).
  • Invite a circle of your friends, coworkers, acquaintances, etc. who are passionate about storytelling, foster care and adoption.
  • Provide food/beverages of your choice (this can be potluck-style, finger food, or whatever you want!

To plan your house party and learn more about how you can support Power of Story’s fundraising progress, connect with volunteer Emily Noyes today.